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PCR grano chi siamo.jpg MiniaturaISTA (Istituto Sementi e Tecnologie Agroalimentari) was established in the early 2000 around a group of breeders and researchers who believe that the development of agriculture would largely depend on interaction between research and breeding activities. This represented the beginning of an integrated organization whose dual objectives are research and seeds sale. In 2004, ISTA has developed a business structure that can ensure the development and sale of several major agricultural species, on the whole Italian territory.

mais chi siamo.jpg MiniaturaIn 2008, after merging with Veneto Sementi to form IVS Ltd., ISTA become a trademark of IVS products.
In 2012 IVS Ltd. was included by the company Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. owned about 66% by the company Adriatica S.p.A.. ISTA becomes thus a brand of Agroalimentare Sud for the marketing of various products.
Driving its research activity towards the farmer demands, ISTA provides a concrete response to market requirements in terms of yield and quality of its products. ISTA’s research focuses on the most important agronomic traits, such as: diseases resistance, quality characteristics of the main kernel components and the physiology of the plant.


ISTA's activities, mainly focused on maize and winter cereals, has been progressively extended to forage crops, such as perennial ryegrass and alfa-alfa, and industrial crops, such as sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans.



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