- Excellent yields in all environments
- High tolerance to virus infection
- Very good resistance to lodging
Morphological Traits
Plant Height Medium
Ear Type Awn absent
Physiological Traits
Tillering High
Heading Time Medium-Late
Ripening Time Medium-Late
Alternativity Semi-Winter
Resistance To
Cold Excellent
Lodging Excellent
Disease Tolerance
SBWM (ground) Tolerant
Powdery Mildew Tolerant
Septoria Insensitive
Yellow Rust Insensitive
Brown Rust Insensitive
Fusarium Head Blight Insensitive
Qualitative Data
Test Weight Good
Weight 1000 Seeds 44-48 g
Hardness Medium-Hard
Grain Colour Red
W 200
P/L 0.6
% Protein Medium
End Use Bread Wheat
Growing Tips
Sowing From October until late November
Sowing Density 450 germinable seeds/mq = 210/220 Kg/ha
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